The coronavirus pandemic has made it a strange time to begin a new adventure, but you (and Mum and Dad!) can be sure we’ve made Dundee’s affordable student accommodation Covid-safe.

Moving away from home and heading off to university is a huge deal. That’s true for everyone, whether you’re nervous about fending for yourself, or can’t wait for your parents to wave you off so you can kick uni life into action. Of course, now you’ve got 2020 and all of its drama to deal with too.

The Kingsway Apartments team work hard to make sure that your new home is as safe as it can be. You can trust that we’ve adapted where we need to, so that you can relax into Dundee’s most affordable student accommodation, with your new (soon to be lifelong) friends, and feel reassured that you’re not at risk.

How we’re keeping you safe

  • For now, we have limited the amount of students per apartment. That means you can still all enjoy the common spaces together in a socially distanced way. The building is pretty generously proportioned too, so you can walk around without getting too close to others.
  • We’re ideally situated just outside the city centre. You’ll have plenty of outdoor green space to enjoy, meaning you don’t have to spend your downtime cooped up indoors. Healthier for everyone! (It also means we can offer more affordable student accommodation, hurray!)
  • We sanitise all apartments with Zoono Surface Sanitiser, a product proven to kill COVID-19 with a 99.99% success rate. We’re proud to be the UK’s first student accommodation provider to use this.

While the world is still not back to normal, we can still get a lot done in a safe way. We know you want to enjoy uni life in a safe way, so we’ve put the effort in to make sure you’re happy and healthy while you’re here. Dundee’s most affordable student accommodation is Covid-safe, and we can’t wait to welcome you back.